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Membership Types coming soon....

Each paid membership includes 1 point per physical training session. If no training sessions are organised by medical-training.org, the points are credited and do not have to be paid for separately. This means that you can then take part in a training session free of charge with one credited point

As Medical-Training.org is a project in the initial and development phase, memberships will only be possible on a monthly basis. If the project is not successful, you will not have a long term and therefore no high costs invested

Forever Free
- Community/Forum Access
- LMS for Moocs in planing....
Free Trial
1 Day
1 Free Physical Trial Training
5 physical Trainings per month
- All Features inclued in Free Version
- LMS Free Courses Access
- 1x Monthly 30 Minutes Virtual Live Trainer Meeting

How do volunteers, freelancers and employees train for emergency medicine?

I asked myself the question and unfortunately came to the following answer:

The answer is sad, but true: without massive costs, there is no education!

But this cannot and must not be the reality, there must be training for emergency rescue personnel, both digital and physical, without massive costs

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